A new site is Born!

“In the First Dimension, where the dot reigns, freedom is null.

On 2D the plane appears and some creation is now possible: drawings, maps, letters…

The Third dimension gifts us Volume and encourages the artist to build great statues, gigantic churches or beautiful skyscrapers.

Time leads the Fourth Dimension, where objects can now be animated and have life like in the movies.

And the 5th Dimension, that’s where the Games are born, because it’s the dimension of probability, alternate realities where you play with your destiny, and the potential destinies.

Games Are Art.”

Welcome to this brand new site. Here it’s your home to discuss games as a cultural movement, games as an artistic revolution, games as your creative obsession or games just as games.

Developers and Gamers of the World, Unite! GamesAreArt.com is born.

Open letter to all visitors.


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