The decade’s Scapegoat

Jack Thompson’s cruzade against videogames in the USA claims that kids playing GTA have in their hands a “Murder simulator”.

In Argentina a law has been sanctioned proclaiming that “Overexposure to videogames is unhealthy”.

In South Korea, a boy dies after playing a videogame for 50 hours.

At a local newspaper, a kid appears claiming “I got blind because of playing GTA”.

Some answers:

“Hey Jack-o, believe me: when I held a gun in my hand (something I believe that I won’t do again in my life), it felt completely different from a Mouse!””Legislators of Argentina, due to your ignorance, you haven’t realized that overexposure to absolutely anything is unhealthy! Just try drinking 50 gallons of milk.”

“Yellow press of the world: If a kid dies for having caffeine during 50 hours, IT IS NOT because he was playing a videogame.”

“And kid.. you got blind for staring at a TV (or Monitor) for quite a long time, that’s the real proof of your blindness… Today: there’s not a single scientific study that says a game’s content can affect your health.”

What do we -Faithful Artists of the 5th dimension (Games)- have to say about all this? Speak up!

And before I forget: Haven’t you played N yet? It’s violent. Smile


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