Defining Art Games

As its cultural impact increases, the gaming industry is starting to diversify: “Serious Games”, “Mobile Games”, “Casual Games” are some of the new categories that had emerged in the last years to use as a reference for gaming works that reflect particular ways of playing or specific uses of the game.

I would like to propose a new term: ART GAMES. You’ll probably recognize it from the section of this website, but I would like to give a better definition of what an art game is to me.

Originality, Vanguardism, Has-something-to-say could be some adjectives that I find suitable to the concept. To me, these are mainly games that are aware of how much interactivity as a “language” can express beautiful metaphores and paint fantastic landscapes in our minds and hearts. It has nothing to do with the simplicity or complexity of a game, or its platform, or its genre. It has to do with how much can a game transcend from its mere entertaining function to breed some meaning to our lifes.

Of course: many might disagree with my views on Art Games. So c’mon and let me know: What is an Art Game for you? Which Art Games would you recommend playing and reviewing on this site?


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