Different Cultures, Different Games?

“Japan would never produce Doom 3

Those words came from an interview IdleThumbs staff made to Ron Gilbert. And it got me thinking if afterall there’s a real cultural identity behind games.

This industry has emerged (as it inevitably should) in the rise of the digital era. That means, the era of communications where Globalization has become the best description to the cultural and economical process the world is suffering.

So, the National Identity of a game, it’s not very discernable. If you think about “Max Payne” being developed in Finland, you wouldn’t notice a single difference with any standard american game. At least: the most classic difference you may establish in the industry is between Occidental and Oriental games (a.k.a. American & Japanese). Some unexplored regions of the world like Latinamerica or even Africa still have something to say in the field of videogames.

Should there be a National or at least Regional identity so we could at least talk about a “French Touch” in games? After knowing that Ubisoft will work for the America’s Army project -what the hell happened with “Liberty Fries”?- capitalism seems to keep erasing the differences among cultures. And games, as the most genuine cultural expression of these days, are a clear reflection of this process.


2 Responses

  1. European games usually cater for the western market… but in consumer preference there is a huge difference… Europe tends to favour western style RPGing and Historical RTS with some CS

    Asia tends to favour RTS and RPGs, most prominently War3 because of DOTAallstars and Starcraft (in Korea). Online gaming is huge in Asia and Southeast Asia with homegrown MMOS and sometimes WoW. The only exception is Japan with practically no market for online gaming save for FFXI, Japan is predominantly and arcade and console gaming market.

    Gaming culture is about as globalised as the rest of the modern products being made around the world.

  2. This is really cool… I can be sensitive about my normal lessons I have a fresh joke for you) What insect does well in school? A spelling bee.

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