Revolution Calling

Etymologically speaking, the word ‘Revolution’ means changing the course of stars in its opposite direction. The Videogame Industry, in all its history, has been nothing but simple evolution. The course of things keeps being a benefit for the usual people: retailers and publishers (big ones only).

Developers who believe on innovation and good interactivity have been left to a side in all these years just for the sake of ‘cutting-edge-graphics’ and the usual make-up to disguise the same old boring gaming concepts.

As gamers, we know that with all the available technology today: the times for a new golden era of games and good gameplay is possible. Yet, while the business states that games must be about a specific movie IP or only a few dozen of titles get into retail (unlike the music or DVD industries): we’re fucked.

We must read every word of Greg Costikyan in this article.
We must unite and start raising the volume of our claims!

We must do our Revolution.


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