New Section: INDIE GAMES!

“Indie gaming is a term for games that are made without backing of any publisher. They generally have a small budget and are usually only available online.”

Wikipedia definition

A new section has been created for this site: Indie Games. And its intention is to let absolutely anyone that is developing, has developed, or will develop a game, to share his creation with this young community.

You may check it up by clicking on Indie Games at the fancy flash menu with a cool tank as an icon (refresh your browser if you can’t see it). There, you’ll see the link to upload your game and get it exhibited at So c’mon, show us your game! Doesn’t matter if its big or small, it matters only if it was made with ‘love for the art’ Smile.

And hey, if you’re an indie developer, make sure to check out the Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition. They’re one of our friend sites and are giving a great opportunity to all talented game makers out there.



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