Nintendo’s Revolution

Everyone’s talking about it all over the net. For sure, Nintendo’s Revolution Controller has been the most important piece of news of this year at the gaming industry. And I must admit I was really skeptical on the innovative capabilities that the oldest of all gaming companies had. The revolution controller is fantastic. The biggest step towards better gaming experiences in a long time. Finally, someone did understood “it’s not the graphics, stupid!”.

It will be a revolution for certain: A revolution for gamers. Considering that all the titles in the history of Nintendo will be at our disposal with their new console.


And the possibilites of this new device may encourage new genres, games that weren’t common in consoles and people that aren’t used to play games might feel more comfortable with this “control-remote-looking” device. Yet, developers are still waiting if Iwata-san has something “revolutionary” to say about the possibilites of working with his new-generation machine. At the last GDC he mentioned that “Nintendo DS also means, Nintendo Developer Systems because it will be the best platform to work with (?). Also with Revolution we are thinking to make the most friendly device for you [developers].”Lets see if its a “Revolution for Developers” as well. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the promotional video of the Nintendo Revolution.

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