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It sometimes surprises me the good debates that are going on at the site’s forums. Last week, user TapeteViejo started an interesting thread entitled “Games that can make you cry” where the issue on feelings & play was discussed.

As I’ve posted on the thread, I’m really convinced that as developers (and gamers!) we must start conceiving games as a cultural form of expression instead of a technological entertainment. Debates, and specially magazine and website reviews on games, must start putting their emphasis on the game’s message, its metaphors, what the creator wanted to say and how well his vision is expressed. Most reviews today rely on a game’s technological capacity to show visuals and audio and the use of the interface. Rarther than game critics, reviewers seem to be technique critics.

So, it’s clear that an evolved gaming culture must arise. That’s one of the main goals behind this very own digital space. And I would like to encourage everyone to be an active member of the forums so we can all -as a community- start changing the perception that primes today in the industry.

So, if you haven’t realised already, the site has a cool “Hot Topics” bar now, to immediately check what’s going on in the forums Smile.


2 Responses

  1. The problem is that most games don’t say anything at all. Most games are for entertainment or money. You have to narrow the spectrum of the games that you’re looking at to find the ones that say something, though I agree that those games should be reviewed in that way as well, though it is kinda hard to find out what a game has to say if you can’t work the interface.

  2. I really suggest goin to you guys have really similar points of view. He’s gonna be goin to the Masters of Digital Media center soon to try to get the tools he needs to express art through video games.

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