Game Artists

One of the biggest problems of the game industry, is that it has been seen as a cousin of the software industry for a long time. It’s very common to see gamers speak about how cool (or sucking) Nintendo, id software or EA are.. Just like most geeks like to speak about Apple or Microsoft.

But games are culture. They’re not just electronic entertainment if we believe that a game can express something meaningul to our lives. And the artists that create games with very personal views of the world are the ones who really deserve the recognition: Miyamoto-san was the creator of Mario and Zelda, Will Wright brought us The Sims, Tim Schafer made the fantastic Psychonauts.

Do you see any music fan screaming “Virgin Music is the best!”? Or any movie-buff state “Warner Brothers rocks!”? It’s the minds of talented individuals that usually lead to the creation of a fantastic work of art. Studios are here just to help make the projects a reality.

It’s time for the game industry to start becoming a cousin of the cultural industries…


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