Organic Games

When I was a little kid that enjoyed playing Super Mario, I often wondered why did that world always looked the same. It’s not like our world where we have Autumn and the leaves fall from trees or Summer where everything has a brighter color. Every time the NES was turned on, all the trees, clouds, mushrooms, etc. looked just the same way they did the last time I’ve played. And death, was just an illusion.

How could a game be if we could build an organic virtual world? Where its elements, probably in a simple way, can evolve, die, get born and playing Organic Mario in January wouldn’t be the same as playing it in August. What if our character gets old as time passes by and he dies like an ordinary tamagotchi?

The emotional bond of players with game worlds are weak, basically because the artificial universes presented are infinite in time. If something goes wrong, we can just re-play anything, anytime. Instead, if we limit the existence of the world to a finite time, every action we take might become more meaningful in the same way that our very own existence in the real world is a struggle for meaning due to its finite length.


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  1. Hello. I have been thinking about this for years aswell. For the past few years I’ve been studying the creation of video games because I would love to make something like this. If you know of any instructional websites that teach about using ai and fractals in videogames please let me know. Thanks, and thank you for your great site.

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