Fight for your Rights

“Are we just mad because they don’t see Shakespeare in our Transformers?”
Ron, as usual.

At his blog, Ron Gilbert answered back to David Jaffe (game designer of God of War) who wrote an editorial proclaiming that people who write about games aren’t true journalists and that we deserve better critique to our work.

I do believe most game reviews aren’t enlightning -at all- and very few magazines are truly worth reading. But as you can guess from what I quoted at the beginning of this post, I also believe on what Ron Gilbert said: we aren’t feeding journalists with truly artistic and meaningful games either.

We could still blame the publishers though. That they’re money making machines that love to prostitute all the brilliant ideas game developers have. But they do it for the sake of selling more copies, so they would blame it on Consumers who are the ones that actually decide what’s good and what isn’t. Though.. they read magazine reviews to see what they’ll buy next.. damn, seems like a catch 22.


There must be some way to destroy this buck-thirsty machine. And in the end, it is our responsibility. We are the ones that make the games people play and journalists review. And in order to do better games, bet on original ideas, we must stand up for our freedom to create. An important step on this direction has been made by the talented Eric Zimmerman, who wrote the very first Game Developers’ Bill of Rights. This is a fundamental document that every one should start considering when negotiating a publishing deal for a game.

If we believe that games are culture, fighting for our creative freedom is an obligation for our medium to finally become a major art form.


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