More about Art Games

Last week, an interesting article written by Kristine Ploug presented an introduction to art games. I would like to thank her for including our site in the list of links. The article presents very interesting examples on how games could be considered artistic; and also, an interesting list of art games was posted.

I’m personally glad that the term Art Game is getting more exhibition. It works for our medium to start getting the perception it requires from society so we can stop being the scape goats for any kind of social problem that arises and if a niche gets born, maybe more developers will try to make games that offer a little bit more than polygons and bullshots.

I also find very interesting the analysis and critique that coleague blogger from Avant Gaming made about the article. He really has a very solid point when stating that “the purpose of art was to defy genre, and find ways to destroy and reinvent genre, not to become become genre. Genre work is production, not expression. when quoting what the article said about art games becoming a genre.


Well, to sum up, it’s great to see that the message of games as art, is spreading. Smile


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