During 10 days, GamesAreArt.com was completely offline. The hosting company Notwork Solutions suddenly decided that this site’s content did not match their “Acceptable Use Policy”. I had read such policy, and still couldn’t understand why the site went offline. When asking for an official reason, they just told me my site was under Permanent Termination and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. So, makes you wonder, why suddenly an opinionated site such as this goes off with no reason…

Fuck you Notwork Solutions.

The site’s back. Unfortunately some screenshots where lost but all game logos where re-made. After being shut, be sure that this site’s voice will now be louder than ever. It’s now hosted independently in a server from Three Melons. The company where I began working this december and is supporting the development of Utopia; a game I had been working by myself during this year. Check the site to understand what I’m talking about.

Thank you Three Melons.

And to all the frequent visitors of GamesAreArt, that put a link to this humble site in their blogs and sites, that contribute with their content and ideas, that tell their friends this place exists, that believe that Games Are Art:

Happy 2006!
Make More Games, Make More Art!


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