World Designers

To be a Game Designer, relies on the ability to create Rules. Rules that will breed a new virtual world and where it’s inhabitants (the players) will have to move within those boundaries. Just like we move within the boundaries of space and time in the real-life world.

A World Designer is what Game Designers are in their essence. With the only difference that life, unlike games, cannot be transcended: We can’t escape life; we can’t “close” it like any ordinary application.

Still, game designing is one of the most precise -and explicit- type of works a human being can do when it comes to Creation, in getting close to God’s Genesis -as the bible likes to put it-.


That’s why it’s also vital for a Game Designer to have a deep understanding on how our world works in his formation. To have an understanding that goes from Einstein’s theories on Gravity to the brilliant descriptions of the human soul from Shakespeare. The formation of a Game Designer must go beyond the clich�s of Sci-Fi and geekdom and be based on the universal values of culture. And hopefully, a game industry that seems to be all about Star Wars and Tolkien, will start being a thing of the past…


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