Real Games

Probably you’ve had already heard about Pacmanhattan: A game via cell phones played by real actors in the streets of NY. As a witness from the third world, I’m often surprised when I see how established societies are achieving an increase in the time for leisure of its members. And this makes me believe that the lifestyle of posindustrialism will have a big merge between virtuality and reality.


Technology is getting closer and closer to our feelings, thoughts and needs. There’s always the debate of confusing what’s real and what’s not. Orson Welles already proved what happens when a society is not ready for a new representational technology. But we grow with time, we mature our collective perceptions of reality and virtuality. But if Pinocchio someday becomes real, well, that’s a true miracle.

In the meantime, I think you’ll enjoy pretty much this videos: Mexican Pacman and Pacman going to university (via Aeropause).


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