Collective Art

Post A Secret is an interesting blog that works as a collective art project where people share a secret anonymously. There’s an argentinean version of this concept, but quite much more simplified and fascinating to read: [spanish language, it means “”] which is the same idea but in the form of a public forum where anyone can submit their secret. And the interesting thing is that people share tiny little thoughts or things they do in their everyday life (and not morbid thoughts as you may expect from something like this).


Art throughout its history went from simple representation, to simbolization and ended up -as post-modernism shows us- in pure abstraction. Abstraction, is the last stage in the formation of the mind and psychology of an individual. So, what comes next for art? What comes next for modernism? I dare to say: the end of individualism.

The path of individual creators seems to be reaching an end at least on what regards the traditional arts. And the internet, as a powerful distribution model with creative technologies available for anyone, is leading towards collective forms of creation. Where the individual follows a guiding theme and offer what they have to say in that context. Remodelling the form of literature as just an individual act of creation. The websites I’ve mentioned, are the simplistic form of a new type of literature or art that shall mature in the upcoming years.

Games, for instance, are the perfect medium for collective creation (or expression). Whether its collaborating or competing, multiplayer worlds are offering each time more spaces for individuals to be creators of the elements those worlds have to offer. And the virtual world, from the viewpoint of reality: Is the product of a collective creational act.

The internet is pure revolution, because is leading towards a natural collectivization that for the first time is not at the expense of the individual, but by his own will.


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