Games with Social Message

Political Games Against the Dictatorship of Entertainment

That’s the tag-line that can be found on the Italian website A collection of games that make a statement on the rampant consumerism of modern societies. I find it particulary interesting the McDonald’s game and celebrate the brave effort to use the company’s name (which obviously they do not have the authorization to do so).


The popular blog We-Make-Money-Not-Art (great title) has published a translation of the article “GAME as CRITIC as ART 2.0” an essay that explores how simulated violence can denounce real violence. A transcript of the article’s initial parragraph below:

The appropriation and deconstruction of the software of any videogame – reverse engineering – is a subversive act that implies a double intention: critical (revision) and creative (regeneration). In computer games written by artists, games, critics and creation combine to generate surprising and parodical products which invite further exploration…”

Find the original article here and the english translation here.


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