Open Source with Games

Within the open source community, every once in a while pops up the question on why gaming hasn’t truly embraced these principles yet. Of course you will always find some good 3D engines made by programmers that worship the value of sharing their knowledge. But probably the explanation on why you won’t find big games under open source relies on the business model of our industry which until now wasn’t based at all on services until MMOG’s arrived.


Now, what really intrigues me on open source applied to games, is how can these be used for collective works of art, where the auteur isn’t based on one individual nor even a group of individuals: where the auteur is a big worldwide community that shares the vision of the game.

Also, when coding a game the programmer is often defining his personal view of the universe: The very shape of a random generator function could be considered a metaphor of chaos. The code of a game itself could be considered a poetic part of the whole.

Interactivity is truly powerful in the 21st century. Think of DJ’s remixing music from other artists. Think of game mods. And how everything is leading toward a collective talk under the universal language of creation.


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