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Games and Consumism
March 30, 2006

Game Developers Conference ’06 ended after some crazy parties and great sessions. You’re probably be reading at blogs worldwide all about the rant, the game design challenge, how important serious games are starting to be and the growth of the casual game industry. Of course, no GDC will be complete without Will Wright…


When heading back home at the airport, I got myself the latest issue of Wired, where the man himself was at the cover. I would like to quote what he has said about how games are changing the world:

In an era of structured education and standardized testing, this generational difference might not yet be evident. But the gamers mindset – the fact that they are learning in a totally new way – means they’ll treat the world as a place for creation, not consumption. This is the true impact videogames will have in our culture.


Match Point
March 17, 2006

I must first apologize of the inactivity the site had these last weeks. I’m about to enter a plane in a couple of hours heading right onto GDC 2006. And unfortunately, preparing myself for a big event such as this took a lot of time. If you’re coming too and happen to see a young guy probably wearing a Che t-shirt or big dark-blue glasses, that might be me, so please come and say hi 🙂

I went yesterday to the movies and see one of the most brilliant masterpieces from living-legend Woody Allen: Match Point. I could simply describe the movie as an extraordinary lesson of storytelling through the lens of the 7th art and a true tribute to the great Russian writer Fiodor Dostoievsky

Match Point uses the classy game of Tennis to offer a powerful (and painful) metaphor of the sense behind all existence.


Game Designers should pay attention to the interesting lines that were written on this script and use its light to unleash the power of Ludic Metaphors that will hopefully help to mature the gaming language in the years to come.