Bit Generation

After this year’s GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop, my friend Marco asked me if I believed that the brilliant works exposed at that conference had the same feeling of the Renaissance period of pictorial art. The question was quite good, because if you think about it there’s some sort of revival of the classic games of the 80’s at the indie scene, with that same spirit where gaming is what matters the most; just like Europe got to re-discover the great Greek thinkers.

Also, in the mainstream-world, the obsession for hyper-realism in the game industry where there’s a great skill in dominating the techniques behind light and shadows in 3D worlds, has a strong reference to the chiaroscuro and the domination of perspective that occured in the Renaissance period.


On the other hand, the blog of my friend Patrick Dugan -which also assisted to the GDC- really surprised me when he compared this generation of Scratchware Auteurs with the Beat Generation that inspired America in the 50’s. He organized a clandestine meeting/interview with Greg Costikyan (Manifesto Games), Jenova Chen (Cloud), Chris Bateman (IHobo) and myself. That moment, was to me one of the most inspiring debates about games and it felt the true spirit of the original GDC was in that room.

We are definitely part of a new generation that understands culture in radical new ways. Games and the internet are leading towards unexplored territories, and probably we could be remembered in the future as the Bit Generation.


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