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The Most Beautiful Game
May 23, 2006

The biggest gaming event in the world is going to happen in a couple of weeks. And I’m not talking about the E3 or the GDC. We often forget that games aren’t exclusive of the digital industry and that they had existed for ages in different cultures around the globe. Sports are games as well, and the World Cup is one of the most extraordinary global events that unifies mankind in a one month celebration thanks to the grace and beauty of one single beautiful game: Football*.


As a game developer I still can’t believe how my whole country turns completely mad when the world cup is about to begin. How the media from the whole world -except USA- starts talking and wondering about how some talented athletes from around the globe will play their game.

Do you need any more proof than this to discover that games are one of the biggest cultural practices we have? Games are art, Football* is art.

* Soccer Smile.


May 16, 2006

Well.. seems like I must say something about what happened at E3 this year. But everyone that believes in the importance of games as art, will guess for sure what views I might have on it: Nintendo’s Wii is pure gaming revolution and it’s the most exciting thing that occured in the industry since the fist IGF.


I can’t help finding the 6 kg PS3 that’s trying to impose their pathetic blu-ray disc and the lame last-minute copy on the Wii controller the crappiest of all machines. Frankly, if I want horsepower I would buy an X360 that’s already out there plus I can get brilliant games through Xbox Live Arcade.

For the indie movement should be an exciting time as well given that both Nintendo and Microsoft are willing to open their digital distribution system to talented developers worldwide. A new era in games has begun..