On Intelligence

I must apologize for a couple of things: The freaking spambots that started insanely attacking the website for the last couple of weeks and the lack of posts the site has been having. Hopefully, I found a way that should erradicate the little spam bastards by updating the site’s system and also the blog is open again for anyone to post (guests or registered users), though it will know have a visual confirmation system.


The reason for my lack of posts is because I’ve been reading a lot lately, specifically: Jeff Hawkin’s brilliant book On Intelligence. He is known for his work on the technology industries by creating the Palm Pilot and Palm Treo handheld computers. In his essay, he tries to create a framework theory on how the brain actually works and use his theory to develop in a near future ‘real intelligence’ (instead of ‘artificial intelligence’).

The core of his theory is based on the idea that our brains work by making a steady stream of predictions about the state of the world and he explores this idea in a very clever and easy-to-read approach.

The knowledge he shares can be very valuable to any aspiring game designer. Even more if you consider that the future of our industry will rely very much on AI as it does on physics today.


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