Cousins of the Software Industry?

A thought that I had for a long time about the game industry is the relevant fact that our medium has emerged from the ribs of the Software Industry and how this has helped to suspend the creative proficiency that our industry needs.

Plenty of the early game developers from the 80’s where coders that taught themeselves how to make the art and music behind their creations. Afterall, with such few pixels and bits, their lack of specialization was well hidden.

But now games had matured. Large teams of talented professionals work behind every ludic entertainment we find. And it’s really worrying seeing plenty of developers get hard ons by seeing millions of polygons or their HDRI algorithms in action instead of enjoying the beauty of a powerful interactive experience.

We don’t need science, we need art. We need to become cousins of the cultural industries and break the limitations imposed by a cold and rationalized view of reality.




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