Huge Indie Games Possible?

It’s a Saturday’s dawn and I find myself with colleague game designer and good friend, Chilko debating -probably once again- what a game really is. He has been working the last 4 years on Regnum Online, an impressive MMORPG that will be the first of its kind in Latinamerica. And he finally told me: “These massive worlds, where you can do anything, are not games. A game is defined by its limitations and rules. What I’ve been working the last 4 years is just a big massive digital world”.



I agree with him. He was talking in some sense about the “Immersive Fallacy”. But what really made me tick is how you end up hating (in a rather special way of hate) your work once you spent more than a couple of years dealing with it. When it comes to make big games, you should expect 2 or more years for your baby to be born (even with big teams).

And what worries me, is that gamers will always be asking for more. Will we developers -specially independent developers- be capable of keeping the costs and big schedules in the upcoming future? Our hopes seem to rely on technology maturing, but the gap between the big companies and new-born studios seems to be increasing and there aren’t any signals of solid game development tools that are available for the masses…

(to be continued..)


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