Towards Collective Culture

I’m posting something that’s not directly related to games, but in my beliefs needs to get spread all over the world so we can understand how our culture is changing and we’re becoming witnesses of a silent revolution.

This is a conference from Lawrence Lessig (Creative Commons evangelist) on how we’re rediscovering culture as a collective work where anyone can have its place to express himself. And in many ways, it’s a talk on how we must fight for our freedom. It’s 45 minutes long, but it’s worth every single minute. Oh, and has spanish subtitles for the hispanic readers of the blog.

Games are clearly the most genuine form of expression of the “remix culture”. The interactive nature of our medium opens its doors to mods, machinima and lots of genres that allow the player become a creator. Talks like these can offer light on the huge future that arises on the horizont for games and digital art.


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