The Nature of the Digital Author

Keeping track with my last post on Collective Culture and how we’re starting to have a concrete perception of “culture as building blocks where we can remix anything just like we want it”, I wanted to narrow this vision towards games.


Some weeks ago I found a fantastic game named Block Action. It’s the good old platformer we all know but with a fantastic tweak: Anyone in the whole web can edit and create their own levels for Block Action and it will get ranked by the users according to how fun and challenging your level is.

Besides being a fantastic tool to teach level design, is a marvelous example on how gamers are actually authors as well when it comes to interactivity. Gamers establish a creative contract with the game designer where one defines the contents and the other one, the rules.

Collective creation, participatory experiences where everyone matters it’s one of the most magical principles of the interactive age. Think of the web 2.0, wikis, blogs, game mods and youtube videos. I wonder if Andy Warhol knew how strong his prediction was when he said that “… in the future, everyone will get his 15 minutes of fame.”


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