Katamari Tributes

It’s beginning spring in the south.. and to spread the joy of these sunny days, I felt it was a good idea to make a tribute-post to one of the most inspiring games of the last years… Enjoy.


I got the privilege to assist to the Game Design Challenge at this year’s GDC. Three game designers had to think about making a game that could win the Peace Nobel Prize. The two american guys came up with nice (but predictable) ideas on games about being in a refugee camp or a game that required social participation and it had a viral effect.

The third guy, was Keita Takahashi, the artist behind Katamari Damacy. All he just said is that it doesn’t matter how the game is, we all know how fun games actually are and the great power they have to let us live our dreams. “But a lot of people don’t have access to computers or even telephones.. So if everyone in the world could have access to play games, then no one will waste his or her time having wars against others. We just need to let anyone that wants to play, to be able to do it. Because games are way much more fun than guns, and can let us share beautiful experiences with anyone in the world!”

Say no more.


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