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Feeling Postmodern
October 9, 2006

While I was walking to my work this morning, I started thinking about how cool the word “Wii” actually is. The individuality that reigned during the modern era is slowly vanishing to let us enter in a new century where everyone is online, everyone is connected, everyone is sharing.

It’s not longer about Me. It’s about Us: “I connect, therefore I exist”. Think about the word “cell phone”: It’s like if all of us had suddenly became cells of a greater being. We’re getting closer to each other and not only by digital means, but also through an economical perspective where we went from the lonely world of product exchanges to the world of services where we are more interdependent of each other.

Wii: It has that statement of unity, of being one together. And that remixability where words acquire a new style, typical of this postmodern era where we dive in a universe of signs and meanings.

And games are the ultimate and most powerful form of expression for this new world of togetherness. Because no other media demands the involvement of its consumers to become actors like games do.