Games 2.0: Visions of the Future

For a while I’ve been thinking and planning projects according to a view I have on the future of games and game development. Inspired by the revolutionary way of creating culture that is clearly shown by the Web 2.0 philosophy, there could be a possible path for us to start seeing Games 2.0.

Just like in the video posted above, it could be an interesting alternative if in the future we could start seeing remixed games, where a user can take his character from The Sims to the universe of Warcraft. And this thought leads to the idea of Game Objects which I heard before from Will Wright.

Imagine if the future of game development becomes closer to the common guy by just throwing objects into a big ludic scenario and there’s no need of coding. A future where all games use a same standard of ludic objects and hence let the industry lower its costs and empower its creativity.

This post permits me to advice that on my personal project Utopia there had been some important improvements and some changes towards this direction. If you’re curious for more, visit Utopia’s blog.


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