Playing at the Flash Mob

Last Saturday, the first Pillow Fight Flash Mob was held at the planetarium in Buenos Aires. And it was a genuine generational moment for the online hordes of bloggers from this internetized 21st century.

Each time you interact at an online forum, blog or website you’re abstracted from the fact that probably hundreds of other guys just like you are out there reading your words. As we gain more power to communicate, we are afraid we might lose the pleasure of real face-to-face flesh interaction. Hence: the flash mob movement emerges without any kind of sponsor or institution behind it; and what’s more important: It’s a process in itself. I has no further meaning than the joy of just playing it.

Unlike Woodstock or May ’68, there’s no political statement calling for a fight for our future in the flash mobs. Postmodernism has claimed that paradise can be experienced right now and we return to the beautiful days of our lost paradises from infancy to just keep on playing.

I love to play.


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