Some Personal News


The year is beginning to end and I would like to share some very important news I got in the last weeks concerning my career as a game developer.

Utopia: After a year and half working very hard on this drama game project with the support of Three Melons, the Design Center of the government of Buenos Aires and the National Entity FONSOFT that supports software developments in Argentina have granted the project two subsidies so it can be completed. This kind of support helps Utopia to keep an independent view and empowers its potential for educational purposes.

GDC 2007: Not only I’ll be able to work on my experimental project with the right support, but also my proposal for next year’s Serious Games Summit at the Game Developers Conference got selected and I’ll be sharing my work of Utopia among talented colleagues from around the world. Here is a brief description of the talk.

I’ve been blogging on the cultural importance of games for a long time now, and my career is now permitting me to transform those ideas into actual projects. Theory and reality are always very different things, but I hope that in 2007 I can start making a tangible contribution in the game industry for us to start seeing more innovative, risky and profound interactive art.


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