A Socialist Game?

Two years ago, I’ve made this teaser video for a game project that I had back then. The figure of Che Guevara fascinates me due to his firm beliefs and how he acted according to what he felt was right. He was probably the christ of communism, that atheist religion inspired by the words of a particular Moses named Marx.

The animation has its issues, I’m not a professional animator as you can see, but it was a fun job to do. The audio is a discourse Che gave in the UN back in ’64. The excerpt says:

No people of Latin America is weak, because it is part of a family of 200 million brothers beset by the same miseries, who harbor the same feelings, have the same enemy, while they all dream of the same better destiny and have the support of all honest men and women in the world.

Future history will be written by the hungry masses of Indians, of landless peasants, of exploited workers; it will be written by the progressive masses, by the honest and brilliant intellectuals who abound in our unfortunate lands of Latin America, by the struggle of the masses and of ideas;

Games are quite affected by this postmodern era of dead ideas. But they have a huge potential to test concepts not only through theory but also through artificial experiences. To me, if used right, we are dealing with a very powerful medium to awaken the minds of human beings. I wonder if we’ll see more social games in the future…


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