It seems that I’m doing many posts this end of year, probably because I’m in a very good mood. One of the games that I enjoyed the most in my years of innocence was Mortal Kombat. A complete revolution at its time due to the realistic graphics and the extreme violence it portrayed. This fine video shows all the fatalities of the game:

It’s interesting how violence in its most extreme form has some beauty hidden in it and it can even provokes us a laugh. Makes you think when almost three decades ago a movie like A Clockwork Orange was censored worldwide and today you find kids playing games like these. Kinda of a reactionary comment there, huh?

Well, I constantly receive calls from local media asking me about violence and games, and I always defend our beloved medium. Yet, sometimes it does seem that developers are trying to push the limits in terms of blood simulation, and it somehow those are the same developers that believe games should be about having better graphics rather than better gameplay.

Mortal Kombat had great gameplay, don’t get me wrong. But if we keep our industry trapped in the eat/kill/run dogma, we’re doomed.


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