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The Silent Revolution: Internet
February 27, 2007

Anthropologist Michael Wesch made a great video with effective educational purposes to those who aren’t familiar with the concept of the web 2.0. This video is a very inspiring piece that gives a grasp of what is the real potential of the Internet and how it is changing our lives.

It’s quite probable that very few people imagined this global transformation through the use of interconnected computers just 10 years ago. A friend of mine mailed me this interesting TV report from 1993 about this thing called “The Internet”.

Finally, with a more commercial approach there’s this Cisco TV spot about the human network.

An old phrase said that “the world is made of stories, not atoms.” Well, please allow me to paraphrase this by saying “the web is made of people, not computers.”


New Blog, New Project
February 23, 2007

After achieving 50,000 visits in almost a year and a half, I’ve decided it was time for this blog to grow up a little bit and have a new face. As you may have noticed in the header, this blog is now titled Games Are Art 2.0.

We all know the expression 2.0 has a special meaning: It no longer means a new version of a software application, but also a way to describe the digital collaboration that is transforming the Web.

And this has to do with the fact that I’m very interested to start blogging intensely again, not only about games, but also about what’s going on with digital technology and the world wild web. The evolution of this blog has also to do with my personal growth as an interactive designer: I began this 2007 with a new project in hands that it’s not directly related to the game industry, but has a lot to do in making our life more playful.

So thanks for tuning in and please update your RSS feeds if you’re still suscribed to the old one.


Videogame Documentary
February 3, 2007

Google Video has become an exquisite resource of audiovisual knowledge when it comes to see documentaries about politics, religion, geekdom and of course: games. It makes me so happy that I’m not only able to see valuable testimonies from the protagonists of the mentioned fields, but also, the online revolution permits me to share these with all of you!

So here it goes, The Videogame Revolution:

A final note: I’m getting quite tired of killing the spambots that invade the forums of this humble site. But also, I’m going through an important change in my career. It’s quite probable that in the near future you will find some exciting changes to this blog and site!