New Blog, New Project

After achieving 50,000 visits in almost a year and a half, I’ve decided it was time for this blog to grow up a little bit and have a new face. As you may have noticed in the header, this blog is now titled Games Are Art 2.0.

We all know the expression 2.0 has a special meaning: It no longer means a new version of a software application, but also a way to describe the digital collaboration that is transforming the Web.

And this has to do with the fact that I’m very interested to start blogging intensely again, not only about games, but also about what’s going on with digital technology and the world wild web. The evolution of this blog has also to do with my personal growth as an interactive designer: I began this 2007 with a new project in hands that it’s not directly related to the game industry, but has a lot to do in making our life more playful.

So thanks for tuning in and please update your RSS feeds if you’re still suscribed to the old one.



2 Responses

  1. cool, looking forward to it

  2. Se hecha de menos el viejo diseño rojo :-(. Este esta como muy “default”.

    I miss the old website design(the red one) :-(. This is so…”by default”.


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