GDC 2007: Intense!

My session on drama game tools turned out pretty good and there seems to be a lot of interest in how to effectively put stories into games. As I’ve announced this Monday, I’ll be uploading the prototypes and source code in hope that it becomes the start of a new powerful drama game tool: Playdreamer. By wikifying ideas and opening these technologies to developers, gamers and writers, we can find a new path that evolves games beyond the “eat/kill/run” metaphors.

With Augusto Petrone (Three Melons) and Sebastian Enrique (EA). Two great talents of Argentine Game Development.
Here I’m with Augusto Petrone (Three Melons) and Sebastian Enrique (EA). Two great talents of Argentine Game Development.

A nice surprise is that I got to meet the One Laptop Per Child computer that’s being created by the MIT with support from the United Nations and aims to be in the hands of 10 million kids from the third world in the next years. I was marveled with the approach given to this machine where everything is open source, including the versions of Tetris and SimCity that will be included with it. It just got me wondering if I could put a version of Playdreamer there for kids and teachers create their own Drama Games to learn history, literature or anything the can think of!

Finally, I will make an honest confession of how I’ve been feeling about the games industry lately: 95% of the AAA games out there are just crap and very disappointing with meaningless experiences that can’t transcend their artificial bits onto something that makes the industry evolve. But every once in a while, something appears that inspires me so much that I get back in love with the game development world… In 2004 it was Katamari Damacy. In 2005 Spore (which I’m still waiting for). 2006 gave us the Wii.. And this 2007, the beautiful and brilliant Little Big Planet got to my heart. It’s the clever idea of using community knowledge to create and remix levels of a game, but with the excelence of a magnificent concept and visual design (such lovable characters, and that theatre-like scenarios for you to play with) and terrific technology with a strong physics engine to create emergent gameplay. It got me wondering if I should get a PS3 after all….


7 Responses

  1. Sos mi heroe…
    Saludos quebecuases

  2. Maybe the $100 laptop will become the DS of serious games.

  3. Aqui presente siguiendo de cerca sus pasos! =)
    Saludos bonaerenses!

  4. ¿Cuando podremos ver algo de playdreamer?


  5. Where exactly on the site is the source code/download for Playdreamer? Or, has that not been added to the site yet?

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