F*ckin’ Wiinderful

I’ve read everything about it, how it was a machine meant to put the family together around the TV to play games. You know, those videos at Wii.com about grandpas and fathers playing with it. And as you may (or may not) know, being from Argentina it was a little bit hard for me to get one at a decent price. So I had to wait till this trip to San Francisco to get it, and Amazon made it possible.

When I first turned it on, I’ve intantaneously knew that the future -and how computing its meant to be in the future- has just arrived to my living room. The wii is way more than a gaming console: It’s how you want your information delivered when you’re in front of the TV. It’s the Internet through an interface that just makes sense to anyone. And it’s the greatest marriage of design and technology since the Macintosh.

But when I witnessed my own father who’s a 61 years old lawyer, my own mother who has never played a single videogame in her whole life, my sister who loves tennis but sees computers as a distant thing, my girlfriend (who’s actually kind of a geek) but never plays games.. just all of them completely immersed and fascinated by Wii Sports, I was totally blown away… The Wii is for real.


3 Responses

  1. Santi, quiero saber mas de GameDreamer. Para cuando algún post al respecto?

    Un abrazo!

  2. On the flipside, you’re dealing with a CPU that can’t do really heavy AI like Facade; so if you want to do drama games on the Wii, you need to engineer for that platform. That said, its probably better than engineering for 8 fucking SPUs.

  3. You know I played the Wii and I really became bored with the controls. I just wanted to play the game. So far I haven’t seen anything with any depth to it (utilizing the controls).

    The Wii does have a wow factor, but how long will that last? When you say that it’s more then a game machine, I really take odds with that. Sure you can pull up delivered content, but the PSP could do that over a year ago.

    What really turned me off to the Wii was the utter lack of modern hardware. The CPU and GPU don’t have any real power to speak of. People want to knock PS3’s Cell, but at least the CPU has some headroom for future development.

    The controls to me don’t really amount to too much more then a fancy mouse and an analog stick. While the WiiMote may add some depth in game control, the lack of hardware will not bring the immersive qualities to gaming as the PS3 and X360. The Wii has very little ability to create Worlds. Unfortunately for Nintendo, their technology can be easily duplicated and brought to a stronger system that could have much more dramatic results.

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