To Play is to Dream

That was the subject of a mail I received from Patrick Dugan asking anxiously about Playdreamer. And he wasn’t the only one. The excuse is simple: My arrival to Buenos Aires found me moving to a new home and starting up a new company. Yet, I got to made myself of some time and all the tools that where shown at the GDC are now officially available at

Stage Designer

As promised, you will find the binaries for the prototypes and the source code of them as well. Please pay special attention to the text presented on the website prior to every download, important acclarations were made. Also, I want to make clear that Playdreamer is a new tool that will evolve from the research made with these prototypes and it’s a new development.

This new tool will be open source and with a wiki design so anyone can contribute to it. The goal is to find a path that permits us build games that go beyond scoring by killing and open the doors of pure play through Drama Games. If you want to keep yourself updated on how this project evolves, check the RSS feed of this blog or see all the posts with the tag Playdreamer.


One Response

  1. Exciting stuff, I can’t wait to check it out! It was great to see you at GDC again this year and I’m glad to see you have been working on such a neat project!

    – Thomas

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