World Intellectual Property Day

Probably you may not know that April 26th is the day we celebrate Intellectual Property. The date was chosen due to the foundation of the WIPO. And due to the lack of a “Game Developers Day” this was the first time that someone congratulated me on a profession’s date. Not only that: I’ve been kindly invited by the Legal Software entity in Argentina to participate on a panel about IP.

Intellectual Property Panel Debate

That panel was integrated also by creative colleagues such as Juan Jose Campanella, the most prestigious filmmaker in my country (Oscar nominee The Son of the Bride being his most famous film); Oscar Mediavilla, a musician producer that was jury of a show like American Idol in Argentina and script writer Graciela Maglie who worked on important local TV shows.

Without surprise, I found myself to be the youngest member of the panel. And, being a person from the universe of software, the most profoundly affected by the issue of piracy. Graciela and Oscar represent the syndicates that defend the rights of artists like them. Think of them as RIAA-managers kind of people. And just like you would expect, Graciela claimed on her rant that “There’s a dangerous discourse of an apparently ultra progressive, hyper democratizing ideology that blinds creators from their proper rights imposed by entities such as Creative Commons”.

It was the first time I hear the words “progressive” and “democratizing” used in a negative way, and after that reactionary comment from someone who’s just protecting her interests, I became a spokesman of the digital revolution. I’ve tried to explain Graciela how the internet’s revolution permits taking culture onto new unknown layers of expression through the remixing of digital creations; or how information networks permit services of exchange between creators and consumers that it’s better for both parties because we no longer need publishers, distributors and retailers pumping up the value chain.

Still, I wanted to comment to Graciela that 500 years ago, when the Movable Type revolution was beginning, the first persons to claim reactionary thoughts against that where the drama wirters like her, wanting to avoid the distribution of their plays by using big theatre corporations fighting hard against independent authors and printers.

Isn’t it fascinating how history repeats itself ?


7 Responses

  1. Your blog posts are always so nice! I like your insight and also the ability to have a sense that I’m keeping up with your activities. Please continue as you are, viva la revolution!

    – Thomas

  2. Congratulations Santi! I hope you continue growing in your artistic career, and keep getting more and more known in the artistic, game & philosophy world.

  3. If you’re monetizing around a service-oriented business model piracy isn’t an issue. It took me a while to realize this, but now I’m planning almost all my future projects around models other than a straight-up purchase of content.

  4. Hi Santi! Congratulations for being invited to such conference. Is there anywhere I can find the text or video of that conference? If its not too “progressive”. 🙂

  5. Unfortunately I did not see any cameras taping the panel. Otherwise I would be sharing it already. It was a great debate. Made me think of my skills as a politician.. 🙂

  6. Regarding this, today is a sad day… Pandora ( announced that they will shut the door to non-US country listeners.

    Another sad victory for the dinosaurs 😦

  7. this reminded me of something I read in The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (by the way, happy towel day to everyone!):

    “a bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes”

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