Results & Numbers

I hate Casino games. When I get work proposals from people that belong to the gambling industry, I just can’t stand it. The reason is quite simple: They’re all about results. They explore the most frivolous aspect of play and yet a very powerful one: Scoring. And when it comes to just winning points, the experience gets blinded by the goal. You get obsessed on getting more and more, and that can usually lead to dangerous compulsive conditions.


From a philosophical point of view, I don’t believe in luck. Or at least, I don’t want to believe in luck. There’s always a reason for me, no matter how unexplainable could it be. So casinos are the anti-game for me.

Yet, most games today are somewhat in the middle of that battle between being either an Art or a Sport. An Experience of Play or a Pursue for Big Results. Example: Is quite easy to get abstracted from the astounding 3D enviroments after playing Unreal for a while by the moment you begin chasing anyone to kill him. And don’t get me wrong, I do love sports and I think we should have games like Unreal.. yet these kind of gameplay seems to be the only alternative in the mainstream.

And the true potential for interactivity relies on communicating powerful ideas through experience. People remember 20% of what they hear, 40% of what they see and 60% of what they interact with. We’ll be able to ever escape the primitive kill/eat/run metaphor in our games?

I just came from Madrid with exciting ideas and sketches.. I’ll see what comes from that..


2 Responses

  1. So Santi, I gotta know what you think of “skill-gaming”, where the business model is like gambling, but chance isn’t a predominant factor, only competetive skill.

  2. Skill gaming has a lot to do with Sports. But as in all score-based systems, an elite of players will emerge from the talented and that frustrates the other mortals. I think competition is a fantastic thing, but it seems that it’s the _only_ thing.. maybe a big influence of our capitalist societies.

    I would like to envision games that are beyond that primal aspect of survival.. We humans are capable of such thing, and hence create games that focus on the pleasure of Play. A real democratization of Play where the act of playing resembles an act of creation or artistic experience.. and that’s a place where no competition is necessary…

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