Social Play with your Ego

During the last 6 months I’ve been working very hard on a new startup where we are trying to build a more efficent and personal way to interact with the internet (and the people using it). In the mean time, we started making simple programs (now usually refered as widgets) to test out technical and conceptual ideas. Our very first was developed for Facebook, the popular social network that’s gaining a lot of attention during these days.

Egotics on Facebook

Egotics, our brand new app, lets you define your own Ego by telling the system what things you Know, Love, Hate or Are. Once you fill up your profile, your friends and the people around you can rate the facts that you had put about yourself, and you can rate your friend’s facts as well.

If you have a facebook account and want to have some fun with this idea, add the Egotics app to your profile and let your friends know about it. This has been an interesting exploration about how can we use the power of social networks to create ludic experiences. If you have any suggestions or detect any bugs, let me know.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t really use Facebook, but I’m happy to hear what you’re doing. Looking foward to knowing more, further on down the rabbit hole.

  2. I think the idea is OK for Facebook, but wouldn’t use it for a new startup, unless you can add something to it so that we don’t enter to it once and never do it again.

    BTW porque escribis en ingles?


  3. Because most of the readers of this blog usually speak that language, and I like the international spirit of blogging.

    Just to make a point clear: Popego is not about widgets. We wanted to test out some technical ideas, and have fun in the mean time.

    Nice blog Esteban. Do I know you from somewhere?

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