Art + Science = Game

It has always been told that games are the perfect marriage between art and science. The best and most simple empirical proof of such statement is made by Helsinki’s great talent Petri Purho with this little game over here. I remember meeting him at this year’s GDC after he made a brilliant presentation on the Experimental Gameplay Project. If you love experimental games, keep a close eye on his blog.

Probably one of the inspirations behind this great ludic idea was MIT’s magic blackboard. An awesome tool that could be applied to teach Maths and Physics in a more interactive way.

The marriage between these concepts -game and educational technology- is the piece of proof I needed for my previous post.  The techniques and ways of thinking from people involved in entertainment industries such as videogames, could shape entire generations if we start using those ideas for making schools a place were students want to go rather than imposing them the pressure of having to go. Education has been stuck in the 19th century for too long…


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  1. I had a first hand (yet modest) experience with teaching, and all I can say is that I’m afraid we’ll have to wait till many dinosaurs go to extinction before we can start the process.

    There’s too many old-school professors out there, specially in our country ;), and still, too much to learn from them. The New Education you propose is a huge leap, and maybe a bit dangerous. It should be done, sure, but very carefully. Many people wouldn’t understand, slandering is around the corner.

  2. Perfect example, the key is to let the users _build_ instead of simply “play”.

  3. you are art + science santi… i love you

  4. Wow! I’ve been playing the games in that EXCELENT blog and all the games that guy does are really great ideas.
    I can’t stopped playing Crayon Physics till I beat it. Really a wonderfull creation with an very original idea, and more interesting it would be playing with that pen. this game MUST be NOW at the Nintendo DS!!!
    And the MIT’s creation… well, I have no words.
    “…making schools a place were students want to go rather than imposing them the pressure of having to go.” Hard quest. And Harder here in Argentina

  5. Hello there.. thanks for the blog, it’s very interesting and enjoyable.

    I could not help but remember this post when I saw ‘Little Big Planet’ game trailer!

    here it goes:

    Art + Science = game!!

  6. Woooooooooooooow, man!! That game is fuckin’ amasing!!
    The creativity at AAA videogame industry exists yet!! *.*

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