Robots Have Feelings

Alan Kay once said:

People that love making software, eventually end up doing their own hardware.

I’ve often said to colleagues and friends that when I reach 30, I’ll stop doing software and interactive stuff just to start building robots. Nothing can beat a business card that says “robot maker”. It’s the ultimate thing.

According to those visions of the future from the 50’s were flying cars and robots would define the lifestyle of our century, seems that there’s still a lot of work to be done. Yet, if you make a little research online, you can see pretty surprising things.

Qrio is one of my favorites. He has a sweet and creepy voice. Plug that output with Wikipedia and you might be able to talk about anything with him!

I love how people like to act all natural when they are with ASIMO.

Finally, I just want to state that humans need to dance like robots more often..


6 Responses

  1. The expression on those kid’s face when it says “this is what I’m feeling” like “oh shit, our species is soooo going to be replaced by this thing.” The root of emotion is dominance and submission, remember that.

    I’ll have to send you a white paper I’m writing, you can give me some feedback on how to make the english less dense.

  2. Hahahaha patrick you are unfortunately right!
    The Three Laws of Robotics should be implement right now!!

  3. Look what I’ve found

  4. […] are Art links to video clips of some conversational robots from Japan, including Qrio. I have my doubts the robot really performs as well it does in the […]

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