Games belong to a new dimension of creative expression. And the special thing about them is their power to deliver the joy of Play. You can think of a sculptor as someone who creates with the three dimensions of volume; or filmmakers as creators of stories through the use of space and time captured by a camera. The art of games is about sculpting Fate.

Just picture the role of a game designer whose duty is to shape chaos and provide players with capsules of uncertainty that will permit them live stories only possible in the imagination. Game making is the most outstanding form of expression in this age of creative democracy where consumers become creators and protagonists.

games are art

This blog will not only talk about games, it will also talk about the beauty of Interactivity and my endeavors as a designer experiencing this silent revolution called Internet.

Thanks for visiting and looking forwards to start a digital conversation.


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  1. Hey Santiago!

    I’m writing an essay at university about whether games are an art or not and I was wondering how I could cite your blogs?


  2. I just found your blog through technorati, and I’m glad I did. I just recently posted about art games, in part due to The Marriage circulating in the blogosphere.

    If you like, you can see my article here…

  3. Hola! si, si…soy el tipo que le encantaba GamesAreArt pero nunca hablaba nada….Vas a crear algun tipo de remplazo para el foro? una seccion de discuciones en el Wiki?

  4. do you have any (academic) papers with regards to art 2.0: games and the internet?

    I would be more than interested in reading them, even if they are not authored by yourself.

  5. Hello,
    Games are REALLY art! In my hometown I start to debate with the people about this “fact”. All together, your work and the work of other people all over the world will not be useless. I hope so.
    Sorry bout my poor english.
    Move on with your projects.

    Thanks and greetings from germany.

    Michel Landau


  6. I am a student at Berklee college of Music in Boston, and formed the college’s first Video game music club this september, the Berklee VGMC. I feel it’s my “mission” to promote games and game music as my generation’s art form, and am stressing that game music has to be done with respect to what is its musical history and language- I completely agree with what you state here, and as our club grows every day, I meet people who share this idea. Keep it up! Games have to be given the respect they deserve-and their potential as an art form has still to be fully used.


  7. I am a clay modeler currently working for Tuna Technologies in the UK. The game we are currently working on, Cletus Clay, is a game made entirely out of modeling clay. Personally I feel that we have really embraced the ‘games as art’ mantra. I have a whole cupboard filled with actual clay models that are used in the game and they are just as much fun to look at as a painting or other sculpture. The main clay modeler, Anthony Flack, made another game out of clay a few years ago called Platypus. I highly recommend you check either Cletus or Platypus out!

  8. Hi,

    I attend an arts magnet high school here in Vancouver, WA. I strongly believe that video games are art, and would gladly shout at anyone who says they are not for several hours.

    Emotion is the basis of art, and it also the basis of video games. What makes a game good is the emotions it inspires.

    I think the problem (i.e. why people might disagree) is twofold. First of all, many non-gamers (and many gamers) don’t look past the mainstream, unoriginal games that are somewhat lacking in artistic quality. They haven’t seen any indie or less mainstream games, which I find often have way more artistic quality.

    The second problem is that many game developers don’t say, “I’m going to create a piece of art”, when creating a game. For the most part, the artistic expression comes unconsciously or as an afterthought.

    A couple notable exceptions – developers that, in my opinion, truly understand art – would be Passage and Braid.

  9. Please check out this game and tell me what you think.

    Here is a brief description:

    As the seasons go by, move:
    -to the field to tend your crops (plant in spring, tend in summer, harvest in autumn)
    -to your backyard to invest in infrastructure that will improve your harvest, or
    -to your home to welcome guests and dance, eat, or talk with them (they’ll like you more if there’s plenty of food for them).
    In your youth, time seems to pass more slowly and you may not know exactly what you’re doing, but as you age, you’ll find your footing and perhaps a partner to share the journey. What will remain when you’re gone?

  10. Hey Mr.Siri,
    I have recently completed a documentary at school exploring the validity of games as form of art, and it features a section from your belief page.
    I realize now, that in my haste at school I left out a letter in your name when citing you, but it can change!
    I would greatly appreciate it if you checked it out!



  11. This is what Ginger Monkey thinks about the question of games as art:

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