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May 14, 2007

Last week I found out that a game I have worked on at Three Melons won a Bronze FIAP Award (Iberoamerican Advertising Festival). It made me feel very proud for my colleagues who deserve recognitions such as these more than anyone I know. The game was a production made for Movistar, the biggest cell phone company in Latin America and Spain, where you had to train your hands because Mobile MSN was going to be launched.

Movistar Finger Training

The experience of making this game was quite fun. It was the first game I made using video footage. We hired a film studio to shoot my own hands dancing and excercising, and later we digitally added them over photographed scale-model scenarios (no 3D involved).

When Mariano (Three Melons founder) told me who the other competitors of this festival were, I discovered that my very own hands contended with a Ronadinho game. His game got the Gold award, but it made me feel strange on how globalization had put me next to the world’s top footballer.

I often have mixed feelings for Advergames. It’s a good business source to create innovative games that otherwise would be unsustainable… but usually advertising surrenders culture to the sole purpose of selling a product, and it’s not nice to see that the ends justify the means. Yet, it’s somewhat interesting to see how the most commoditized products sometimes demand for the most bizarre and strange campaigns to get to their consumers.

I don’t longer work at Three Melons but they are partners in the new endeavor I’m starting up. I’ve added some thoughts on my past experience working there at my ludography if you’re curious. And be sure to check on their next games, you’ll be amazed