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Social Play with your Ego
July 21, 2007

During the last 6 months I’ve been working very hard on a new startup where we are trying to build a more efficent and personal way to interact with the internet (and the people using it). In the mean time, we started making simple programs (now usually refered as widgets) to test out technical and conceptual ideas. Our very first was developed for Facebook, the popular social network that’s gaining a lot of attention during these days.

Egotics on Facebook

Egotics, our brand new app, lets you define your own Ego by telling the system what things you Know, Love, Hate or Are. Once you fill up your profile, your friends and the people around you can rate the facts that you had put about yourself, and you can rate your friend’s facts as well.

If you have a facebook account and want to have some fun with this idea, add the Egotics app to your profile and let your friends know about it. This has been an interesting exploration about how can we use the power of social networks to create ludic experiences. If you have any suggestions or detect any bugs, let me know.


To Play is to Dream
March 27, 2007

That was the subject of a mail I received from Patrick Dugan asking anxiously about Playdreamer. And he wasn’t the only one. The excuse is simple: My arrival to Buenos Aires found me moving to a new home and starting up a new company. Yet, I got to made myself of some time and all the tools that where shown at the GDC are now officially available at

Stage Designer

As promised, you will find the binaries for the prototypes and the source code of them as well. Please pay special attention to the text presented on the website prior to every download, important acclarations were made. Also, I want to make clear that Playdreamer is a new tool that will evolve from the research made with these prototypes and it’s a new development.

This new tool will be open source and with a wiki design so anyone can contribute to it. The goal is to find a path that permits us build games that go beyond scoring by killing and open the doors of pure play through Drama Games. If you want to keep yourself updated on how this project evolves, check the RSS feed of this blog or see all the posts with the tag Playdreamer.

GDC 2007: Intense!
March 11, 2007

My session on drama game tools turned out pretty good and there seems to be a lot of interest in how to effectively put stories into games. As I’ve announced this Monday, I’ll be uploading the prototypes and source code in hope that it becomes the start of a new powerful drama game tool: Playdreamer. By wikifying ideas and opening these technologies to developers, gamers and writers, we can find a new path that evolves games beyond the “eat/kill/run” metaphors.

With Augusto Petrone (Three Melons) and Sebastian Enrique (EA). Two great talents of Argentine Game Development.
Here I’m with Augusto Petrone (Three Melons) and Sebastian Enrique (EA). Two great talents of Argentine Game Development.

A nice surprise is that I got to meet the One Laptop Per Child computer that’s being created by the MIT with support from the United Nations and aims to be in the hands of 10 million kids from the third world in the next years. I was marveled with the approach given to this machine where everything is open source, including the versions of Tetris and SimCity that will be included with it. It just got me wondering if I could put a version of Playdreamer there for kids and teachers create their own Drama Games to learn history, literature or anything the can think of!

Finally, I will make an honest confession of how I’ve been feeling about the games industry lately: 95% of the AAA games out there are just crap and very disappointing with meaningless experiences that can’t transcend their artificial bits onto something that makes the industry evolve. But every once in a while, something appears that inspires me so much that I get back in love with the game development world… In 2004 it was Katamari Damacy. In 2005 Spore (which I’m still waiting for). 2006 gave us the Wii.. And this 2007, the beautiful and brilliant Little Big Planet got to my heart. It’s the clever idea of using community knowledge to create and remix levels of a game, but with the excelence of a magnificent concept and visual design (such lovable characters, and that theatre-like scenarios for you to play with) and terrific technology with a strong physics engine to create emergent gameplay. It got me wondering if I should get a PS3 after all….

GDC’07 Here I Come
March 2, 2007

I’ll be flying tomorrow to San Francisco where the Game Developers Conference is awaiting every passionate designer, coder and artist involved in the craftsmanship of games.

My session will be at the Serious Games Summit this Monday where I’ll share some thoughts about my experience on researching and coding prototypes for the creation of an interactive storytelling tool. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, come and say hi! 

I’m looking forwards to meet up with the good friends and be inspired by the surrounding talent. It’s a very special year considering that the E3 is history and the great Shigeru Miyamoto will be giving a keynote.


I just hope not to drink as much as I did in the last year…