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Realistic Gameplay
May 30, 2008

When the Wii was first announced back in 2005, I claimed that it was going to be the triumph of interactive design over brute-force processing for realistic graphics. Sales of the console during the last 2 years prove this point. But something unexpected happened: Even though the Wii wasn’t made for realistic graphics, the revolutionary controller enables such rich potential on interactive design that has permitted for the first time what I would like to call Realistic Gameplay.

The very first example of this approach is the game Winning Eleven for Wii. Unlike any other soccer game that I had played before, this game feels real. Very real on its interactive design. When I see a real soccer match on TV, my mind goes on saying “You two fuckers go an take the ball out of him”, “Everybody must go to attack now!” or “Hey asshole run so you can receive the pass” (yes, I can be quite an animal when watching sports, that’s part of the fun, right?). Those kind of interactions where I want to control not only the guy having the ball but also all the other ones out there so they can collectively perform a tactical play, wasn’t possible to reproduce on a game until Winning Eleven for Wii.

The sensation of controlling the collective interactions of my team rather than the single guy who has the ball, leads the gameplay to an overall tactical and strategical experience that makes me truly feel as the coach behind my team. Even when I design the tactical formation of my team, I really feel the impact of my choices on the field. And the in-match situations are so real and precise that off-sides, faults and other realistic soccer interactions now happen more often (unlike other soccer games).

It’s not the mission of this blog to make reviews about games.. but to explore the intricacies of interactive design. The realistic gameplay I found on the Wii was a profound experience, it felt as the discovery of perspective during the renaissance: it felt real. And that’s the way to go with games as an art form.


Wii Like Remixing Technology
December 22, 2007

I’m sure that by now, you must be quite familiarized with all the alternative uses you can give to your Wiimote. But creativity, that amazing force that pushes humanity to discover new boundaries, always finds its way to show us something never seen before. Johnny Lee, from the Carnegie Mellon University, has created one of the most impressive hacks for the Wiimote.

See the video for further details.

E3 stuff
July 16, 2007

So the E3 was finally held in Santa Monica this year, but who cares about this suit-driven event? Certainly not me. Anyhow, two very interesting news woke me up this morning regarding the former “it” event of the game industry:

WiiFit. A new interface to plug into our Wiis so we can feel the joy of dancing and excercising in front of the TV. I just want to state that I love the fact that it seems that we finally have a massive platform for interactive hardware innovation. The Wii is becoming the one and only place where you’ll want to try out games in a more immersive and phyiscal way. Yet, it’s not that standard considering Nintendo is the only manufacturer of peripherals right now.

Finally, E3 also unveiled another elegant proof that Games-are-art-and-there’s-nothing-you-can-say-against-that. Escher inspired Echocrome plays with your perceptual skills of recognizing perspective. Reminds me of a time in my life when my perspective-recognition skills disappeared for a couple of hours and reality became flat just like in a videogame…

F*ckin’ Wiinderful
March 22, 2007

I’ve read everything about it, how it was a machine meant to put the family together around the TV to play games. You know, those videos at about grandpas and fathers playing with it. And as you may (or may not) know, being from Argentina it was a little bit hard for me to get one at a decent price. So I had to wait till this trip to San Francisco to get it, and Amazon made it possible.

When I first turned it on, I’ve intantaneously knew that the future -and how computing its meant to be in the future- has just arrived to my living room. The wii is way more than a gaming console: It’s how you want your information delivered when you’re in front of the TV. It’s the Internet through an interface that just makes sense to anyone. And it’s the greatest marriage of design and technology since the Macintosh.

But when I witnessed my own father who’s a 61 years old lawyer, my own mother who has never played a single videogame in her whole life, my sister who loves tennis but sees computers as a distant thing, my girlfriend (who’s actually kind of a geek) but never plays games.. just all of them completely immersed and fascinated by Wii Sports, I was totally blown away… The Wii is for real.