Here you will find a reservoir of the presentation materials I have done in the past. Ideas and knowledge ought to be spread by any means to inspire talented individuals. Feel free to use these materials in any useful way.

  • Game Developers Conference 2007
    A practical view on Interactive Storytelling (Drama Games)

    During the Serious Games Summit track, I’ve presented my views on interactive storytelling by analysing the history and ideas of such genre. After the introductory part, you’ll see the showcase of some prototype demos that aim to become Playdreamer: An open tool to create Drama Games.See full size video here.

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6 Responses

  1. Excelent Santi! It was a VERY interesting conference, as every conference I’ve watched from you. I’ve learned a lot with it (but I’m still a kill/eat/run player mostly :).

    Congratulations for your development, ideas and for making Playdreamer an open source tool.


  2. Santi, una observación: si entendí bien, en el sistema para conversar con otras personas hay cuatro cuadrantes. Según el cuadrante que elija el usuario se dirá una frase con tono agresivo, ameno, triste, etc. Sin embargo, ¿influye cuán lejos del centro de los cuadrantes uno haga clic? Es decir, me imagino lo siguiente: si uno hace clic en el extremo superior derecho del cuadrante superior derecho, la expresión se hará con mucha intensidad. Pero si uno hace clic en el mismo cuadrante más cerca del centro de los cuadrantes, la expresión tenderá a ser más “neutra”, siendo menos efusivo en esa emoción. ¿Se entiende?


  3. Esa es precisamente la idea de usar cuadrantes: para poder medir con un click: la expresion, la el nivel de la carga emotiva que acompaña a esa expresión. No es lo mismo ir bien a los extremos que ir cerca del centro.

    The idea of using a quadrant system is to be able to measure with a click the expression and the quantity of emotional charge that’s attached to that expression. It’s not the same clicking on extremes that it’s clicking near the center.

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  5. I was surprised that you didn’t mention the Myst games, specifically URU, which is marketed as a live interactive adventure game where the action of the players has an impact on how the story unfolds.

    I also think using the Myers-Briggs personality profiles is very clever.

  6. Viejo, sos un fenómeno

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