These are game developments and interactive projects that I had worked on the past.

Transforming what it seems to be a simple idea onto a tangible object that you can play with, requires a lot of patience and hard work. But once a creation becomes alive, it’s no longer in your domain and it deserves to have a place in the world. That’s why I’ll try to put all the downloads I’m able to, so you may check the practical side of my ideas.


  • Three Melons Advergames – 2006
    • Platform: PC / Web
    • Developer: Three Melons
    • Publisher: Marketing Agencies
  • Description:

    Specialized on the development of advergames, Three Melons is a studio capable of delivering excelent web games. I was part of the start-up period of this company as a Creative Director. These are the projects which I got involved to some extent, but most of the credit should go to a talented team of artists and coders that made some of this crazy ideas possible. The team work permitted this studio to evolve in less than a year to a wide portfolio of clients and completed projects.

    Movistar Finger Training

    Click here to see some screenshots

    Personal Thoughts:

    Mariano Suarez Battan invited me to be part of Three Melons when the company still hadn’t had its offices. My task was to inspire and lead the game design behind the projects we would develop. Eventually, with the help of Patricio Jutard we started recruiting talented coders and artists to create an elite team of game developers in Argentina.

    During the first part of the year, our main client was Disney. We made localizations and original productions for them. As the company grew in staff and ideas, we won clients such as Old Spice, AT&T, Sony, Coca Cola and Cisco. World class companies that wanted to innovate by entering into the advergame adventure.

    I still remember having a lot of fun in the brainstorming sessions with Mariano, Pablo “Ruso” Mayer and Augusto Petrone where lot of the ideas behind these games where born. But as an avid critic to the culture that emerges from advertising and marketing, I never felt fully comfortable with the notion of making games just to sell softdrinks. As a believer in games as an art form, I had to pursue a new path to fulfill my creative needs.

    I will always appreciate many of the lessons my colleagues taught me when I worked there. I admire their talent and I’m certain that Three Melons will grow up to be one of the leading game studios in Latinamerica.

    Play Them!:

    Coca Cola – The Coke Side of Fun

    Sony – Muteki

    Movistar – Finger Training

    Three Melons portfolio


  • Utopia Prototypes – 2006
    • Platform: PC / Windows
    • Developer: Independent
    • Publisher: Incomplete…
  • Description:

    Games are trapped under the Kill/Eat/Run metaphor. If we want our medium to evolve into a more complex and profound art form, then we need to discover new interactive genres. These prototypes where a research project to discover how a Drama Game tool should look and feel. These are all drafts and ideas, whose purpose was to be shared and discussed so we can begin discovering a new path in the art of games.

    Utopia Main Menu

    Click here to see some screenshots

    Personal Thoughts:

    Utopia began as a personal project to make a political game. I wanted to avoid making a traditional strategy game like Civilization or Age of Empires were you end up managing militar and economical resources. My ambition, was to create a game were you could debate and experience moral issues such as abortion, death penalty, gay rights.. anything through an interactive way.

    These idea led me to study and discover the world of Interactive Storytelling (or Drama Games as I prefer calling them). And as I developed the code behind this idea, I knew that a powerful drama game tool was needed. What ended up happening was that my interest for such genre became so big that I began making a set of prototype tools to understand the complexities of Drama Games. Eventually, I decided to open the source code and share this project with the game development community.

    I’ll keep on working with these ideas to create a robust web tool for drama games named Playdreamer. Utopia was an extensive R&D period, right after the experience of Football Deluxe. It was all coded and designed in my spare time and I even got support from the government of Buenos Aires. If Football Deluxe was my university, this code and project represents my thesis.

    Download it!:

    Enjoy: Open Source and Binaries


  • Football Deluxe – 2004
    • Platform: PC / Windows
    • Developer: Evoluxion
    • Publisher: Strategy First Inc. (world wide) and Edusfot (Argentina)
  • Description:

    A football manager where you can play the world’s most important leagues and cups. Your task is to coach a professional team and be able to deal with the press, fans and players. Design your own tactics, strategies and team formation or even use some dark techniques to achieve world glory.

    Football Deluxe

    Click here to see some screenshots

    Personal Thoughts:

    This is a game that I started coding when I was 18 years old. Almost 85% of the code and all the graphic design were my responsibility. I even got to teach myself music for the game to have a proper soundtrack. My efforts behind this development were huge. Today I know that I just wanted to fullfil my own teenager dreams by making this idea a reality.

    The project began when I finished school. I’ve made up my mind and decided I wanted to make games. There where no careers on such field, so Football Deluxe became my university. This project taught me everything I know today about this business. I found myself negotiating with publishers, writing press releases, reading complex contracts, localizing the game to the russian language, and even leading a team in spite of my lack of real experience.

    I know this game has its flaws, it’s not very original, and it was before I understood how powerful games are as an art form. But it represents a big part of the culture from were I come. It has an Argentine touch to it and I regard those years as an exceptional learning process that I still value today.

    Download it!:

    Technically speaking, you may think I’m pirating my own game.
    But spiritually acting, I believe in sharing.

    Enjoy: Download Full Game



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